Sunday, June 7, 2020

A well belated start to this blog!

Well this should have started in January 2018. For all sorts of reasons it didn't, which is probably more down to me putting off until tomorrow!

Why am I doing this? Mostly as a diary. Looking at models I have built over the years I begin that thought process of when did I make that? In my case it is probably more when did I start that - I am a great one for starting projects but not too good at finishing. Too many distractions of new projects! However if anyone is reading this and what comes after I hope it is of some interest? I know I find reading other peoples blogs interesting and in many cases inspirational.

So as an introduction here are some of my current projects.

The 1/24 scale Italeri Volvo FH16 Globetrotter. Retrieved from the loft, I started this in October 2019. Bought as a part built glue bomb on eBay some years ago (can't remember when but do remember it was only £10) the engine and chassis had been built and had to be unpicked and is now at the stage of the chassis and engine almost complete and the cab interior waiting to go into the cab and then the finishing touches. No major modifications apart from trying to put a more accurate cab underside in place. The photos below probably explain better then my words do!

Italeri T34/84 in 1/35 scale. A Christmas present that I started in early January 2020. My Dad died in late January so it has been on one side like most of my projects as I deal with all the usual matters following such an event. The kit itself has an engine and interior and I have got as far as having completed the lower hull with those parts installed and weathered Again pictures explain better.

Lastly for this first post there is my 009 layout. Baseboard built at the start of the lockdown and track laid and initial scenery started. The idea is that there will be a second matching board. The initial board will have some a quarry served by a siding. Not an imaginative design but I do enjoy on occasions just watching trains go round - something very therapeutic! Hopefully this will continue yo progress faster than my normal glacial speed! In the meantime here is a picture.

Today's modelling will be painting the fuel tank for the Volvo and some old Triang fencing that I found in my box of railway bits which will hopefully find a home on the 009 layout - must think!of a name for it!